Entering Great Link Vietnam Branch

2024-01-11 680

Great Link has become a leading logistics solution provider in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, from EXP to the United States and Canada.

Great Link Vietnam Branch is located in the scenic old city of Ho Chi Minh City. The operation of the branch aims to provide professional shipping, air transportation and overseas warehouse services, better improve the logistics service efficiency from Southeast Asia to North America, and help every customer achieve greater success in the global market!

vietnam branch e-mail: vietnam@greatlink.cc
Vietnam Branch Tel: +84-0352-209-631
Vietnam branch address: 19 m ng s 7, Khu d â n cCityland, Ph m ng 7, Qun G Ã V → P, TP. H Ã Ch í Minh
Website: www.greatlink.cc
Head Office Tel: 400-803-0083
Head office address: 2103-2106, Block B, Zhengzhong Times Square, Longgang District, Shenzhen