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Great Link has a bonded warehouse of 23,000 square meters in Shenzhen. The warehouse has a unique self-built loading and unloading platform, special freight elevator, fully equipped with electric forklifts, semi-automatic forklifts and other equipment.


Great link is dedicated to providing professional warehousing solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. Provide a variety of non-dangerous goods storage and distribution in any packaging form. From shoes to skiing, to nutrition and health products, electronic products, we specialize in all kinds of warehousing and distribution.
Manage cargo from multiple suppliers for a single customer by air or sea and provide our warehouse space to store cargo to be shipped to EXP.


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What is a customs bonded warehouse?


NAND and NOT Bonded warehouse Like a customs bonded warehouse, you can store, EXP and import goods in a safe place. The difference lies in the connection between warehouse and customs.


Imported goods must be inspected and approved by customs agents before they can be transported to their destinations. When imported goods are stored in non- Bonded warehouse The importer must immediately pay duty on the goods and be inspected, no matter where the goods will be shipped next. In order to make the work of customs agents easier, they work with certified Customs bonded Transport and warehousing services, which can receive and preserve goods until customs duties and inspections are resolved. Customs bonded Warehouse Sometimes supervised by customs officials, exporters are allowed to delay payment until goods are purchased.


Customs bonded Warehouse requirements


Most customs Bonded warehouse It is owned by the government, but some are privately owned. In order to make private storage facilities customs bonded, Warehouse Warehouse operators must apply to the United States Customs to become certified import warehousing facilities.


In order to obtain approval, customs bonded Warehouse A specific area must be designated for the storage of imported goods only, and its operational and financial integrity must be demonstrated. After approval, these facilities must be submitted to customs Security deposit And agreed to accept temporary customs supervision.


Customs bonded warehouse Advantages of :


1. Long-term storage


Customs Bonded warehouse Perfect for long-term storage. In the United States, you can keep it for up to 5 years without paying customs duties; In some countries, the storage period of bonded warehouses is uncertain. Long-term storage avoids unnecessary travel and allows importers to establish relationships with reliable and trustworthy suppliers.


2. Deferred tax


Customs bonded warehousing The benefits of Is to save money. When the goods are imported and stored in customs bonded Warehouse The duty will be postponed until the goods leave the warehouse. This allows importers to save on the cost of storing goods regardless of how they intend to dispose of them. It also gives importers extra time to complete the legal work needed to import their goods into the country. Some importers record more than comparable unbonded warehouses Save 25-30% deferred tax .


3. Ideal for storing restricted items


Customs Bonded warehouse Perfect for storing restricted goods. Importing restricted goods involves more paperwork and legal work than importing conventional goods. Unfortunately, for importers, restricted goods can be kept in warehouses for a period of time before proper paperwork is approved. Customs Bonded warehouse Not subject to this probation period, which means that, similar to deferred tariffs, importers can store restricted goods for up to five years when submitting necessary documents.


4. Facilitating international transport


Customs bonded warehouse One of the most significant advantages It is very convenient for international transportation enterprises. Enterprises can import goods to customs bonded all over the world Warehouse And keep it there until further notice without paying any customs charges.

Importers can then take one of the following two routes:




Goods can be stored in warehouses until demand for the goods increases, at which point the importer will pay customs duties on the goods when they are delivered to the destination in the holding country. Goods do not need to be imported all at once.




Importers can store goods in warehouses for asset consolidation before re-EXP. Importers are not subject to customs duties when combined goods come from the holding country, EXP, because the goods are under customs control-which avoids double taxation.


5. Stress-free relationships


In the final analysis, the goods are stored in customs Bonded warehouse There is no pressure on importers, and finding certified warehouses will make the storage and transportation of international goods smoother. The goods are safe and reliable, and monitored 24 hours a day; Tariffs and taxes are delayed until their goods leave the facility; There is no rush to deal with paperwork, payment or inspection; If the demand for products is low, the goods can be kept for many years.


These are in non- Bonded warehouse Is impossible, in fact, in non- Bonded warehouse Delayed payment and incorrect paperwork will lead to the destruction of stored goods.


6. What are the advantages of setting up a storage base in Shenzhen Comprehensive Bonded Zone?


China is the largest importer and exporter and economic power in the world. Guangdong Province is the main production base of import and export goods in China, and Shenzhen is an important part of China's import and export economy. Compared with Hong Kong, it is more advantageous to establish a warehousing and distribution base. It has price and location advantages in Shenzhen.


The cost of human resources and warehouse rental in Shenzhen is only one third of that in Hong Kong.


Rich warehouse resources, open bonded warehouse supervision policy. After obtaining the approval of the customs, various businesses of bonded warehouses can be carried out to help enterprises enjoy various preferential policies of bonded areas.


Goods entering and leaving bonded warehouses do not need to go through filing procedures, and can be directly declared entering and leaving warehouses according to customer needs, which effectively improves the timeliness of goods distribution.


The policy advantages of "tax refund for EXP's entry into the zone" and "tax exemption for overseas entry into the zone" can alleviate the financial pressure of enterprises, effectively reduce operating costs, increase the price advantage of commodity sales, and create greater profit margins for enterprises.


In addition to the import and export of goods prohibited by the state, all kinds of goods can be stored in the bonded area, and the storage period of goods can be determined according to market demand.



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Provided by Great Link Customs Transportation and warehousing services. We make sure they are checked and delivered correctly and quickly. We meet all the criteria for becoming an approved customs bonded warehouse and all our employees are TSA certified. All of our facilities are equipped with 24/7 monitoring, advanced security systems and patrolled yards, so you can ensure your goods are stored in a safe place.


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