Transportation from China to Canada


Air transport from China to Canada

Great Link's customized solutions are elaborately crafted with a range of competitive price options to help you optimize your supply chain and avoid delays and risks.

We offer you the best shipping options, including:

-Air Express Service (24-48 hours)

-Quality air transport service (3-5 days)

-Economic air transport service (6-12 days)

-Airport-to-airport service, door-to-door service

-Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

-Inland freight and warehousing services

-Quote immediately within 30 minutes

-7*24 cargo tracking


Shipping from China to Canada


The routes are as follows:

--POL: Yantian, Nansha, Xiamen, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Dalian, Linchaban, Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong, etc.

--POD: Vancouver, British Columbia/Prince Rupert Port, British Columbia/Toronto, Ontario/Edmonton, Alberta/Calgary, Alberta/Saskatoon, Saskatchewan/Winnipeg, Manitoba/Montreal, Quebec/Halifax, New Brunswick, etc









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Separate charter service


Our air cargo charter division offers a wide range of cargo aircraft, from time-critical air cargo, dangerous cargo to bulk cargo and heavy oversized cargo.

If your air cargo requires strict security, high capacity or high flexibility, charter service may be the most convenient solution.

Great Link provides you with split or complete charter services tailored to your needs.

--Charter flights and board-packing services organize special planes to transport all kinds of goods.

No matter where your goods need to arrive or come from, our international agent network can provide you with localized services worldwide.

-Arrive at underserved locations and bring your goods closer to their final destination.

Our purchasing power and reputation enable us to find you the best price for cargo charter flights and ensure that you always get the most cost-effective solutions.

Each of our charter experts is professionally trained and perennial on the tarmac, so they know exactly what it takes to manage charter flights from start to finish.

-7*24 tracking service


Shipping from China to Amazon FBA


Whether you are just starting to ship goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, or like many of our customers are established e-commerce practitioners, the easiest, safest and most economical way to ship goods from China to Amazon FBA is to cooperate with a reputable freight forwarder specializing in Amazon FBA.

Great Link can help you get the lowest shipping rates from different carriers and manage all your Amazon order execution, so you never have to worry about quality control, FBA rejection or late delivery.


Transport of dangerous and sensitive goods


In addition to ordinary cargo, many dangerous goods also require air transport services, and the transportation of dangerous goods may be a complicated process and may often be rejected by most freight forwarders.

Under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) DGR license, we have extensive experience in handling dangerous goods. We handle more than 50 batches of dangerous goods every week (2/3/4/5/6/8/9 categories). Under the supervision of our certified staff, we deliver your dangerous goods with fast transportation time and reasonable price without any worries.

--Category 1, explosives

--Class 2, gas

--Class 3, flammable liquids

--Class 4, flammable solids, spontaneous combustion, danger of encountering humidity

--Class 5, oxidants, organic peroxides

--Class 6, toxic, inhaled toxic and infectious substances

--Category 7, radioactive material

--Category 8, corrosive

--Class 9, other hazardous substances and lithium batteries



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