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Shipping from China to overseas destinations can be difficult, especially when your schedule is full. Fortunately, services such as door-to-door transportation provide solutions for this purpose. Here, professional shippers pick up your items from suppliers and deliver them to your door. With this, your only job is to find the right import products and the right transportation agent.


Door-to-door transportation is an excellent service for those who cannot handle the import process by themselves. Whether you have no time or resources, this service can help you a lot. Whether you want to transport by air, sea or rail, we can provide door-to-door transportation service.


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1. Door-to-door transportation


door to door: The shipper or consignee sets the route and the date of departure. Shipper (that is, the factory/warehouse) is responsible for loading the goods into container. The container will be transported by the carrier all the way until it is delivered to the consignee's warehouse or factory to unload the goods from container and return container to the dock smoothly. This whole-way connected transportation is called "door-to-door" transportation, also known as "door-to-door" transportation. This mode of transportation is used to today, and generally international express delivery or air and sea transportation are the main modes of transportation. Nowadays, all kinds of transportation companies can basically do this, which can effectively save the time of Shipper and consignee.


2. Door to door How does the service work?


It is basically a transportation arrangement that delivers goods to customers. Great Link Goods will be picked up from the warehouse and delivered to the customer.


3. Advantages of picking up goods at home


There are several advantages to using this service. In order to ensure that your customers are satisfied with you, you need to take advantage of this.


  • Single point of contact

One of the main reasons many people prefer home delivery is because it is a single point of contact. Because it is a single point of contact, you only need to get in touch with the account manager or track it online. You will also get updates from the shipping company at regular intervals.


  • Insurance

If the goods are lost, damaged, etc. in transit, the transportation provider will also provide insurance for the goods. This is an added advantage for your business. You must contact your courier service provider in advance to ensure you can buy insurance for your items. More important for expensive packages.


  • Low cost  

  • These delivery services don't mean that you have to spend a lot of money. You don't need to incur costs at every stage of the performance process; Everything is done in one go. This is affordable.


  • Operational efficiency

Lower operational workload is also an advantage. The success of an enterprise depends to a great extent on the operational efficiency of the company. Since the courier company will be responsible for logistics, you don't need to waste energy or resources in the implementation process. Instead, you can spend your time on marketing strategy, developing core business, product development and so on.


  • Easier to manage

The best part is that in this case, you just need to keep in touch with the courier company. You can easily manage the whole process and keep track of it from time to time. But if you don't choose the same, you must take care of different implementation stages. This becomes even more boring.


4. Who provides delivery Door-to-door Service?


Founded in 2007, Great Link is a full-service global logistics provider. Great Link works with you to find efficient, cost-effective solutions for door-to-door transportation of products you care about . When you don't have to worry about a successful arrival, you can focus on changing the world.


5. What is the transportation process?



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