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Our services:


  • Whole container shipping from China to Peru
  • Whole container shipping from China to Peru
  • Container transportation by sea from China to Peru
  • Air transportation from China to Peru
  • Door-to-door transportation-imported from China to Peru


From China to Peru Whole container transportation by sea


In this case, sea transportation will be the most suitable mode of transportation for you:

  • Your supplier is located near major ports in China
  • Your shipment is larger than 1 CBM
  • You are in no hurry to receive the goods

In China, we can ensure that your goods are shipped from EXP to Peruvian from all major ports such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Macau and Hong Kong.


Chinese goods are shipped by sea from EXP to major Peruvian ports in South America .


It takes about 30-40 days to ship the whole container by sea from the port in China to the port in Peru.


Peruvian ports: Callao port, Lima port


Air transport from China to Peru


In this case, air transportation will be the most suitable mode of transportation for you:

  • Your shipment is less than 1 CBM or less than 200KGS
  • You are anxious to receive/send the goods


Great Link's Chinese to Peruvian air transportation service provides safe and reliable transportation solutions for your practical requirements and high-value cargo transportation.


Our air services include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services.


Through our services, we will handle every step of the shipping process to ensure that your goods reach their destination before you use them.


Under normal circumstances, the air transportation time from China to Peru is about 1-2 days.


Charter service can make you sit back and relax. We can provide customized transportation service solutions to solve various air cargo transportation problems, such as transporting the following goods for you:

  • FMCG
  • High value goods
  • Sensitive goods, such as dangerous goods, fresh and perishable goods
  • Medical supplies and humanitarian relief assistance
  • Heavy cargo and super-large equipment
  • Automobile, aircraft and ship accessories

In terms of weight, we offer weight options from 10,000 pounds (5,000 kg) to 45,000 pounds (22,000 kg), which can be shipped in wooden cases, Pallet or bulk packages.

Our half-charter and all-charter services range in weight options from 10.000 lbs (5.000 kg) to 45.000 lbs (22.000 kg) and can also be shipped in wooden cases, Pallet or bulk packages.


How long does it take to ship from China to Peru now?


  Port (airport) to port (airport) (days) Door to door (days)
Whole container transportation by sea 18-20 25-28
Air transport 1-2 5-7


What is the cheapest way to transport from China to Peru?


Whichever way you choose to transport from China to Peruvian is by looking for well-known Chinese freight forwarders like Great Link, who can guarantee you the best shipping costs.

In addition to offering the most favorable freight rates for all modes of transportation, Great Link can also offer more freight quotations. From now on, you can get freight estimates from China.


Do I have to pay customs duties to send parcels from China to Peru?


Any goods you import from Chinese to Peruvian are subject to customs duties (also known as import duties), while goods from other countries may be excluded according to various International agreements.


Handling customs documents and arranging for the most economical and time-saving transportation of goods is a daunting task for importers.


This is why it makes financial sense to take advantage of the services of freight forwarders, who not only take care of the details, but also bring their rich knowledge and contacts to negotiate the best deal for your transportation needs.


If you want to ship goods from China to Peru, choosing the right freight forwarder will have a great impact on your business success.


You can not only save money, but also save time, which is equally important to enterprises.


We take it as our duty to be familiar with the ins and outs and detailed rules of local import laws and regulations.


Of course, each country has different import regulations and intended standards.


By using a freight forwarding service, you can save time learning all the shipping rules and the hassle of processing the required documents. This is our job. We will ensure that your goods can be transported smoothly, and you can better use your time for other tasks.


Great Link-Professional Chinese to Peruvian Freight Forwarder


Frequently asked questions


1. Freight from China to Peru How much is it?

LCL: $50/cubic meter; Full case: $850/20 '-$1700/40'


2. What is the best way to transport goods from China to Peru?

There are three options, sea, air or rail, depending on the size and weight, and then you will decide which mode of transportation is more appropriate. You must calculate the delivery time/cost.


3. Importing goods from China to Peru How much tax do you have to pay?

Import duty is a percentage calculated according to customs value. How much you pay depends on the HS code. In 2011, the local government extended the anti-dumping measures against stainless steel pipes imported from China to 2023, and the tariff was raised from 48.3% to 71.9%.




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