Transportation from China to Argentina




Shipping will be the best deal for you in the following situations:


  1. Your supplier is located near major ports in China
  2. Your shipment is larger than 2 CBM
  3. You are in no hurry to receive them


Chinese to Argentine ocean freight


Marine/marine FCL-full container


Freight rate from china to Container: 20 'Container



Shipment from Newport (CNXIP Port)

Qingdao Shipping (CNTAO Port)

Tianjin Shipping (CNTSN Port)

Delivered to Mar del Plata (ARMDQ port)

459 $

459 $

459 $

To Santa Fe (ARSFN port)

1,836 $

408 $

408 $

To Buenos Aires (ARBUE port)

1,836 $

897 $

1,285 $

To Madeleine Port (ARPMY Port)

1,836 $

1,836 $

1,836 $

Shipping to Zarate (ARZAE Port)

1,836 $

1,836 $

1,836 $


Shipping rate from Chinese to Container: 40 'Container


  Shipment from Newport (CNXIP Port) Qingdao Shipping (CNTAO Port) Tianjin Shipping (CNTSN Port)
Delivered to Mar del Plata (ARMDQ port) 721 $ 721 $ 721 $
To Santa Fe (ARSFN port) $2,060 412 $ 412 $
To Buenos Aires (ARBUE port) $2,060 1,071 $ 1,565 $
To Madeleine Port (ARPMY Port) $2,060 $2,060 $2,060
Shipping to Zarate (ARZAE Port) $2,060 $2,060 $2,060



Marine/marine LCL



Freight rate from China to Argentina: LCL



Shipment in Chongqing

Shipped to Madeleine Port



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Air transport from China to Argentina




Shipping rate from China to Argentina: air transport



Delivery from Beijing (PEK Airport)

Delivery from Chongqing (CKG Airport)

Shipment from Shanghai (PVG)

To Buenos Aires (EZE Airport)

721 $

887 $

906 $

To Mar del Plata (MDQ Airport)

1.203 $

1,105 $

1.158 $

To Santa Fe (SFN)

1.176 $

1.058 $

1,212 $



Speed It is very fast indeed. You are sure to receive the goods within five days. Compared with air transportation, sea transportation is rather slow. It is expected that you can finish shipping the goods within one month. Scheduled time is usually important, unless delays are very rare.


Reliability --Charging higher shipping charges is consistent with a degree of transparency that will ensure the safe and timely arrival of your goods.


Safety -There are few incidents of air transport planes missing due to theft. This is a problem affecting shipping, although this has been decreasing in the past.


Delivery time from China to Argentina


Port to port door to door



Port to port

Door to door

Sea Transport (FCL)

50-55 days

29-33 days

Sea Transport (LCL)

22-35 days

25-30 days


4-7 days

6-13 days





How to transport it from China to Argentina?


Freight from China to Argentina: Where can I get the cheapest and best freight mode


China to Argentina shipping LCL shipping, full container shipping, air or express four options.


Full container shipping from China to Argentina


FCL, or Full Container, means your product is filled in a 20'or 40 'wide crate. If your transportation volume is large, full container transportation will save you time and money. No matter whether your Container is fully loaded or not, the whole case charge is flat.


LCL shipping from China to Argentina


LCL, or below shelf load, means your product will not fill the entire compartment and will be sent with different boxes or beds. Please note that for LCL transportation, your goods should be LCL in POL and unpacked at the port of destination. This is why LCL freight is several days more than FCL.


China airlifted to Argentina


Generally speaking, air transportation is faster than sea transportation, but the cost is higher.



When is the cheapest time to ship from China to Argentina?


Seasonal factors affect freight rates, especially the level of ocean freight and air freight. Recall that the peak seasons in China and Argentina were taken into account when shipping on the move.


Customs clearance of Chinese goods in Argentina


What duties and taxes should China pay for shipping to Argentina?


When importing from China to Argentina, you need to pay customs duties and goods and services tax before your products are released to the country. These costs can be enormous. Investigating your expenses early can prevent you from being caught by accident.


How does customs work?


When the product comes ashore, the customs authorities will first check to make sure that all your management work is in place, then calculate the Quantity of the debt owed and collect the installment payment. After installation, the product will be discharged.


To handle tariff leeway, you can hire your own representative, or use your freight forwarder to provide financiers.


You can also use our financial services if you book on Sino-Shipping.


Should I buy insurance from China to Argentina?


When calculating the freight, please don't forget to insure yourself in case your products are damaged or lost. This can usually be achieved through your shipper or third-party insurance agent, and the insurance cost is between 0.3% and 0.5% of your Commercial price, which is the amount you pay for the goods.


What kind of documents do I need to send from China to Argentina?


When shipping goods from Chinese to Argentine, please pay attention to putting all your administrative work, for example, Commercial and bill of lading together.


Freight China Port


Your industrial facility, supplier or freight forwarder may recommend the best port and port for shipping from China based on area, customs freedom, sailing time, size, port and any connection or understanding between production lines.


If you choose your own port, the key factors to consider include area, price and sailing time


Port name: Shanghai
Port code: CNSHA


Port name: Ningbo
Port code: CNNGB


Port name: Shenzhen
Port code: CNSZX


Cargo ports in Argentina


These are the best ports for imports into Argentina:

Port code: ARZAE

Port name: Buenos Aires
Port code: ARBUE


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Freight Transport between China and Argentina


How long does it take to ship a Container from Chinese to Argentine?


It depends on the mode of transportation you use. Express delivery may only take 1-4 days-but it may be the most expensive option and unreasonable for large-scale transportation. Airship cargo transportation may take about 6-12 days. It takes 22-26 days for sea loading, but it is most convenient if you can wait.





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