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Since its establishment, Great Link has been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, service first" and creating a new pattern of import and export services. With the Customs, Commodity Inspection Bureau, Tax Bureau, financial institutions to establish a good cooperative relationship, steady development, committed to build China's high-quality import and export service providers.


Great Link is also a customs AEO advanced certification enterprise, which can not only enjoy customs clearance convenience measures in AEO mutual recognition countries or regions, but also give priority to customs clearance procedures for import and export goods. Since its establishment in 2004, it has rich experience in customs clearance at ports and bonded areas.

In a sense, AEO enterprises are VIPs of customs and can enjoy Benefits in three dimensions: "the most convenient customs clearance, the most favorable in China and the most recognized in the world".

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Customs declaration


Customs declaration Procedures have always been one of the important and extremely complicated stages in import and export activities. Customs Procedures include regulations, policies and documents involving different ministries and agencies, which can easily lead to confusion, difficulties and bottlenecks in the circulation of goods by enterprises engaged in import and export activities.


On the other hand, the customs clearance process must go through several stages, from checking shipping documents to transmitting customs declarations through customs declaration software To Customs Submit documents, as well as actual goods inspection procedures, certification of origin procedures for EXP or imported goods into the country, trademarks and value of goods for transfer to the warehouse.


Understand Customs declaration Process, understand the knowledge of import and export of goods, and understand the customs clearance process. Great Link has been providing Customs declaration Services, provide import and export freight forwarding services, help customers and businesses to clear goods quickly, and ensure smooth business of enterprises and partners.


Our dedicated, customer-oriented customs declaration professionals strictly abide by all government regulations to handle customs declaration matters, in a professional, timely and efficient way to speed up your cargo clearance. You will receive it in time Customs Entry processing notice and release notice. More importantly, for imported goods, our brokers know the latest customs duties and import regulations, which can ensure that you pay no more or less.


1. We offer the following Customs declaration service :


Customs services by import and export category:


  • Commodity declaration service

  • Customs declaration service for processed products

  • Customs services for manufactured goods and EXP goods

  • Customs declaration of goods in EXP processing zone

  • On-site import and export declaration Services

  • Customs services for goods temporarily imported into EXP

  • Customs declaration service for all kinds of project goods, exhibition goods and transit goods

  • Others


Customs Other services in the service:


  • Ministerial Licence Application Service

  • Apply for C/O, quarantine, fumigation, quality inspection, food safety and hygiene, inspection, analysis and classification services

  • Tax refund service

  • Food hygiene and safety, cosmetics, functional food announcement application service

  • And more


2.   Benefits of Great Link services:

  • Specialties

  • Fast

  • Cost savings


Customs broker What does it do ?


Customs brokerage companies facilitate the transportation and delivery of goods across geographical boundaries for individuals and organizations.


The general public is often unaware of the Quantity of goods and raw materials that cross these international borders on a daily basis and what is involved in clearing these goods through customs in different countries/regions.


Customs declaration agent Accelerate international trade


Each country/region operates under a different set of rules and regulations that relate to the movement of goods into and out of the border. Customs regulations and laws governing the import and export of goods are constantly changing around the world, sometimes even on a daily basis.


It is the responsibility of the customs declaration company to know all these rules and regulations and ensure compliance with them in order to simplify the transportation process of goods for individuals or organizations as much as possible. In effect, brokers ease the pressure to deal with customs officers and learn shipping regulations, so their customers can spend more time on what they excel at-managing their core business.


The customs broker actually acts as an interpreter, communicating with the agency and the government throughout the transport to ensure that all proper procedures are followed.


Customs declaration business in digital age


As the laws and regulations on transportation are constantly changing, so are the ways in which people conduct business. Obviously, transactions related to transportation and customs clearance procedures are being migrated online. Customs brokerage companies continuously research and develop their internal infrastructure to meet all requirements in order to properly follow electronic or other procedures.


Customs brokers ensure that they have the latest technology, and always keep abreast of the various developments in this dynamic industry, and always provide customers with the best quality service.


Great Link Customs Clearance Service


  • Document-Export, Import
  • Import and export declaration processing
  • Purchase EXP license
  • Filing of tax refund entries






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