Transportation from China to Europe


China to EuropeAirlift


Emergency air transportation (1-2 days).
Air transportation is affordable (3-5 days).
Efficient customs clearance.
Safety engineering logistics insurance service. Fast and reliable door-to-door service.
ddu, ddp, fob, fca, cnf, cif.
7*24 tracking.
Airport: Any port in China.
British airports: LHR, MAN, GLA, BHX, etc.


Shipping from China to Europe

The route is as follows:



Felixstowe, Liverpool, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Dakar, Reykjavik, Dublin, Lisbon, Klaipeda, Moscow, Le Havre, Gdynia, Koppel, Vienna, Prague, Rijeka, Geneva, Gothenburg, Helsinki



Delivery time (20-30 days).
Order directly with shipowners, and the price is more favorable.
Efficient customs clearance. Full case and LCL.
Fast and safe, port to port, door to door.
Accurate 7*24 tracking. Pick up goods at any port in China.
Free value-added services.


China shipped to Amazon FBA in Europe


Fast speed and punctual delivery.
The best price.
100% safe delivery.
Any Amazon warehouse. Air cargo and ship cargo.


Transport of dangerous and sensitive goods


The transportation of sensitive goods will be more complicated and dangerous than ordinary goods. Therefore, you need a professional freight forwarding company to clear customs. We are familiar with European customs clearance policies. We guarantee that the goods will be delivered to the destination port safely and quickly.

Sensitive goods that we can transport include:
Electronic cigarettes.
Flammable liquid.
Flammable solid.
Spontaneous combustion in water.
Oxidizing agent, organic peroxide.
Toxic, toxic inhalation hazard, infectious substance.
Radioactive material.
Corrosive medium.
All kinds of harmful substances and lithium batteries.




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