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Our services:

  • China to GermanyMarine full container
  • LCL from China to Germany by sea
  • Air transport from China to Germany
  • Railway transportation from China to Germany
  • Door-to-door transportation-imported from China to Germany


From China to GermanyShipping and Container transportation








Under the following circumstances, sea transportation will be the most suitable mode of transportation for you:

  • Your supplier is located near major ports in China
  • Your shipment is larger than 2 CBM
  • You are in no hurry to receive the goods

In China, we can ensure that your goods are exported from all major ports such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Tianjin, Xiamen, Macau and Hong Kong.


Goods entering China by sea arrive at major German ports, such asHamburg, Bremerhaven...


It takes about 20 to 30 days from one port to another to transport from Chinese to German by sea Container.

This time varies according to specific factors such as departure and arrival ports and seasonal sailing schedules.


Air transport from China to Germany


从中国运送到亚马逊 FBA 美国,亚马逊 FBA 中国,从中国运送到亚马逊 FBA,


Air transportation will be the most effective solution in the following situations:

  • Your goods are less than 2 cubic meters and 200 kilograms
  • You are eager to receive or send the goods

Safe and reliable solutions for all your airlift needs, including time-sensitive and high-value goods, from Chinese to Great Link.


Our air services include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services.


Through our services, we will take care of every step of the trip to ensure that your goods arrive at your destination when you need them.


The normal Transfer time from Chinese to German by air is about 3-7 days.


This may vary depending on seasonal demand at certain times of the year and traffic in the freight market. Our years of experience can provide you with professional knowledge in this field of logistics needs.


The charter service allows you to sit back and relax, providing customized services and a series of goods that can be transported. We can arrange this service and ship the goods for you, such as:

  • Consumer goods
  • High-value goods
  • Sensitive goods, such as dangerous goods, fresh or perishable goods
  • Goods pressed for time
  • Medical supplies and humanitarian relief assistance
  • Heavy-duty and super-large equipment
  • Automobile, aircraft and ship accessories



In terms of weight, we offer a choice from 10,000 pounds (5,000 kg) to 45,000 pounds (22,000 kg), which can be shipped in crates or boxes, Pallet or bulk.


Our partial charter and full charter options range from 10.000 lbs (5.000 kg) to 45.000 lbs (22.000 kg) and can be loaded in Pallet, skis, crates or dry bulk cargo.




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Railway transportation from China to Germany


亚马逊联合运输,通过亚马逊运输,Prime 国际运输,亚马逊 Prime Day Delivery


The service from Xi'an, China to Hamburg and Noyce, Germany is jointly operated by DHL Global Freight and Xi'an International Inland Port Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd., as well as China Railway, Belintertrans, RTSB and UTLC ERA. Xi'an is an important hub for Chinese industry and is known for its cutting-edge products such as electronics, automobiles and biopharmaceuticals, as well as artificial intelligence.


Special economic zones mean attracting foreign investment to work in Greater Xi'an.

The train crosses the European continent, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Kaliningrad and Poland, and finally reaches Germany within 10 to 12 days.


It used to take 17 days, but the journey was speeded up by crossing the Mamonovo-Braniewo border between Russia and Poland.  


Customers who import via West German Railways will be able to track their shipments via GPS based on iSee software. This enables you to track goods and provide excellent customer service based on real-time insight.


How long does it take for the goods to be shipped from China to Germany?

Port to port (days)Door to door (days)
Ocean freight30-3832-40
Railway freight transportation17-2020-25






What is the cheapest way to ship from China to Germany?

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, the most affordable option for shipping from China to Germany is through well-known Chinese freight forwarders like Great Link, who can guarantee you the lowest freight rates from China and Container.


Do you have to pay customs duties on parcels sent from China to Germany?

Any goods you bring into German from Chinese are subject to customs duties (also known as import duties), while goods from other countries may be excluded under various International agreements.

Sailing through the sea of customs documents and arranging the most cost-effective and time-saving way to transport your goods can be a daunting task for importers.

This is why it makes economic sense to take advantage of the services of freight forwarders, who not only handle the details, but also use their rich knowledge and contacts to help meet your transportation needs for the best benefit.

Import duty is calculated as a percentage based on customs value, and how much to pay depends on your customs code.


What is the best way to send goods from China to Germany?

There are three options, sea, air or rail, depending on the size and weight, and then you decide which mode of transportation is more suitable for you. You must calculate the rationing time and cost.




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