• 01. Where is Great Link transported?

    Great Link can handle sea/air/rail freight from all over the world, especially from Chinese to American/Canadian freight.

  • 02. What can I ship?

    We support all Pallet and bulk can transportation. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us.

  • 03. What is the guarantee for our goods?

    Great Link operates on country-specific freight forwarding industry terms. We are members of NVOCC. Great Link can also provide specific insurance on request. We regularly review our transportation suppliers and only cooperate with professional carriers.

  • 04. How much is the air freight?

    Air freight charges are calculated by multiplying the air freight rate by the actual weight or volume weight of the cargo and the type of cargo, the demand for services and the distance between the country of origin and the country of destination.

  • 05. Is air transportation better than sea transportation?

    Air transportation is usually faster but more expensive than sea transportation. Therefore, choosing between these two options will depend on your needs and goods. If you need advice on choosing the type of transportation, please contact our professional consultant immediately!

  • 06. Can I ship my personal belongings?

    Great Link only delivers goods.

  • 07. Can Great Link pick up goods from storage units or warehouses?

    Yes. Special arrangements must be made in advance. Great Link needs to coordinate with you and storage facilities. You or an authorized representative must meet with the driver at the boarding place.

  • 08. What is Multimodal?

    Multimodal uses container ships, railways and trucks to transport goods. This reduces handling, freight damage and costs, while improving safety and transportation speed.

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