With one heart and one mind, stability and far-reaching Great Link will be a wonderful review in 2023

2024-02-01 58

Fu Rabbit bid farewell to the old year, Ruilong He Xinchun. Recently, the grand ceremony of Shenzhen Great Link Annual Meeting was successfully held. This annual meeting is divided into two parts: "Meeting Summary" and "Annual Meeting Dinner". Let's review the wonderful moment of Great Link 2023, which is "one heart and one mind, steady and far-reaching".

Part 1. Summary and Review of Work

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Hou of Great Link led everyone to review the work in 2023, thoroughly summarized the progress and achievements of various work, and pointed out the development direction in 2024. While continuing to maintain Great Link's outstanding performance in the fields of shipping and air transportation in the United States and Canada, we will steadily promote the development of the Mexican market and further expand Fengshou's competitive advantage in the North American logistics market.

Hou's summary and prospect inspire us to take responsibility and break through in by going up one flight of stairs in the new year to realize the common development of individuals and companies. Later, many colleagues also took the stage to share their personal experiences and team work achievements, and everyone present felt the joy of growth and Great Link.  

Next is the award-giving session that attracts much attention. No pains, no gains. In Great Link, every effort and effort will be seen. Harvest recognizes the outstanding employees in the past year, and the awarding of various awards is an affirmation of hard work and outstanding achievements, and also an encouragement for future work.  

Part 2. Annual meeting dinner, program performance annual meeting sign-in, get together, and the lively sign-in session kicked off. Everyone came to the exhibition board in an orderly manner to take photos and record this warm moment.   

After signing in, the performance session of the annual meeting officially started. While dining, everyone enjoyed the wonderful performances presented by various departments-cheerful singing and dancing, affectionate recitation and interesting sketch performances. At this moment, the Harvest Family showed infinite creativity, and the hard rehearsal every day won the warmest applause. Surprise lucky draw, constant laughter HAPPY NEW YEAR in order to add atmosphere, the annual meeting also set up splendid lucky draw and game links, and the lucky Great Link employees won various prizes, and the scene laughed constantly, adding a happy color to the whole annual meeting.

The stage of the Harvest Annual Meeting belongs not only to "workers", but also to a group of innocent and lovely children. In the performance session of the annual meeting, "Harvest II" sang or danced, giving everyone a wonderful performance and bringing beautiful memories.

After the performance and awards, the annual meeting gradually came to an end. Everyone bathed in the brightly lit atmosphere, tasted delicious food, gave each other New Year's greetings, and sang a song "The Road to Dreams" together.

Struggle is the way to get rich, and every sweat has results......

In this meaningful annual meeting, every member of Great Link showed his personal style and felt the warmth of the team and the pride of achievements together.

At this point, Great Link will be successfully concluded in 2023. Thanks to the customers and friends for their support and trust, and thanks to the bumper Great Link friends for fighting side by side. In 2024, we will continue to move forward hand in hand in the bumper Great Link, and will surely compose a more magnificent movement.