What are the differences between air transport and air dispatch?

2024-04-01 12

Do you know the difference between international logistics air transportation and air delivery? Today, Great Link introduces the differences between them from four dimensions: service content, transportation timeliness, logistics tracking and applicable objects, and will never be confused in the future ~

I. Service Content

Air delivery (that is, air delivery plus delivery): This is a comprehensive service, combining air delivery and express delivery. The specific process is as follows:
The freight forwarder is responsible for booking the space and transporting the goods from From City Airport to the destination airport (the first flight by air).

After the goods arrive at the destination, the designated agent is responsible for customs clearance, customs payment, airport pick-up, warehouse entry and distribution.

International Air Transport: This is a simple air transport service. The specific process is as follows:
Shipper delivered the goods to the warehouse by himself.

The freight forwarder arranges air transportation, transports the goods to the destination airport, and provides the bill of lading to the recipient.

After the goods arrive at the airport of the destination country, the logistics service ends. The recipient needs to go to the airport to pick up the goods and go through customs clearance procedures.

Second, the timeliness of transportation

Empty School: Although the timeliness is slightly slower than that of the four major express delivery, it is still faster. From China to Europe and America, the first journey usually takes about 5 days, the back-end delivery takes about 3 days, and the total time limit is about 10 days. The advantage of air delivery service is that it not only enjoys the service of international express delivery, but also has relatively low cost.
International Air Transport: Under the normal flight and smooth cabin arrangement, Direct can arrive within one day, such as some international airports in Southeast Asia and Europe and America. If Transfer is needed, it usually takes 2-4 days or longer. Timeliness is mainly affected by three factors: the efficiency and strength of transportation companies, the scheduling of airport flights, and the speed of customs clearance at destinations.

Third, logistics tracking

Air delivery: The waybill number of the first air transport can be inquired on the airline official website, while the express delivery bill number of the terminal delivery can inquire about the delivery information of the destination country.
International air transport: The waybill number of direct flight can be inquired on the website of the airline company, and the waybill number of the first flight can also be inquired on the website. If it is transferred by truck, it can be inquired at the website of the corresponding airline company or local truck company. Flight information can also be found on the website of the airline company.

IV. Applicable objects

Empty delivery is suitable for retailers or small batch delivery, such as order delivery by cross-border e-commerce sellers and stocking Amazon FBA.
International air transport is generally applicable to B2B type of bulk shipments, such as traditional foreign trade shipments.

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