Cherry blossoms have blossomed, and romance has come to Great Link. Review of the group building activities of "Julongshan Cherry Blossom Valley"

2024-03-22 22

Great Link

Youth League building activities in March
Julongshan Sakura Valley

Cherry blossoms bloom and walk in spring. Recently, Great Link's friends launched a happy group building activity in Julongshan Ecological Park in Pingshan District. Let's review the beautiful scenery of the scene together ~

[Visit in progress]

There are many kinds of vegetation in the park, with more than 100 kinds of trees dotted, such as cherry blossoms, Bauhinia, cattail peach, black ink, etc., which makes people feel like they are in a green ocean.

Recently, it is the blooming period of cherry blossoms in Julongshan Cherry Blossom Valley, which covers an area of about 3,000 square meters. There are two kinds of cherry blossoms planted here: Guangzhou Cherry Blossom and Chinese Red. Pink cherry blossoms dance with the wind, which is really a "punch card" resort in spring.

Longteng Music and Dance

Coming to the Peak Square, a huge statue stands in front of us. In every corner of the park, you can see this 8.18-meter-high sculpture of "Longteng Music and Dance".

During the league building activities, the Great Link team enjoyed swimming in the park and felt the beauty of nature. Standing on the commanding heights of the square, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Woye, urban area, mountains and sea of clouds, which makes the team members feel like they are in a fairyland-like beauty.

[Summary of Activities]

This group building activity not only makes team members relax and feel the beauty of nature, but also enhances the tacit understanding and cooperation between teams. Great Link team will continue to work hard to provide customers with better service and become the best in the international logistics field!