The most reasonable air freight from Qingdao to Montreal

2022-11-10 392

The Date: July 10, 2022/7

. Pol: Qingdao

Pod: Montreal, QC

. F.O.B.

Volume: 1*40HQ

TT: 35 days

The merchandise:Ceramic toilet

TheOur advantage

As a top national freight forwarder who has provided sea and air transport services worldwide for decades, especially on Canadian and American routes,OurChina Dalian Logistics Company is inHas a good record and good reputation in safety and safety. Deliver goods in time.

Introduction to Montreal

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada and the most populous city in Quebec, Canada.The city is located 196 kilometers east of Ottawa, the national capital, and 258 kilometers southwest of Quebec City, the provincial capital.Historically Canada's commercial capital, Montreal was overtaken by Toronto in population and economic power in the 1970s.It remains an important center for commerce, aerospace, transportation, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, video game development, film and world affairs.

从中国到美国的空运和海运 - 最优价格

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