Whole cabinets of ceramics, tiles and Stone shipped from China to Canada

2022-11-20 112

The Date: April 10, 2022

. Gender: Shenzhen

Pod: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. F.O.B.

Volume: 1*40HQ

TT: 35 days

TheCommodity:Ceramic, ceramic tile, stone

TheOur advantage

As a top national freight forwarder who has provided sea and air transport services worldwide for decades, especially on Canadian and American routes,OurChina Dalian Logistics Company is inHas a good record and good reputation in safety and safety. Deliver goods in time.

Service description:

As we all know, China is a big exporter of porcelain, ceramics and stone.Great Link undertakes a large number of stone export transportation, and has provided 10,000-cabin booking service and destination port delivery service for many enterprises.GreatLlink has the best price and best service.



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